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Top Journal of Neurosurgery publications now in Ukrainian language

The special edition of Ukrainian Neurosurgical Journal [UNJ] with translated articles from Journal of Neurosurgery [JNS] has been published by Ukrainian neurosurgeons A.Smolanka, T.Havryliv and V.Smolanka Jr. in cooperation with the JNS Editor-in-Chief, professor James Rutka, MD, PhD.

Special edition of UNJ

The idea of creating a joint venture of UNJ and JNS has occurred during Andriy Smolanka’s and Taras Havryliv’s observership period at SickKids Hospital in Toronto, Canada under the guidance of prof. James Rutka. Journal of Neurosurgery is one of the most popular neurosurgical journals in the world with an impact factor of 4.318 (2017). Prof. Rutka is JNS Editor-in-Chief.

It was prof. J.Rutka’s initiative to translate top 15 most cited JNS neurooncology articles into the Ukrainian language. A.Smolanka, T.Havryliv and V.Smolanka Jr. gladly took upon the task of preparing a special edition of Ukrainian Neurosurgical Journal with the translated articles for neurosurgeons in their country.

Andriy Smolanka presenting the journal to fellow neurosurgeons

Among the article authors, masterful neurosurgeons such as: Ossama Al-Mefty (USA), Edward Laws (USA), Mitchel Berger (USA), Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa (USA), Hugues Duffau (France), Luigi Cavallo (Italy), Paolo Cappabianca (Italy), Francesco Sala (Italy), Lorenzo Bello (Italy). By publishing this translation Ukrainian Neurosurgical Journal undoubtedly is doing a great service to the entire Ukrainian neurosurgical community

This publication covers the broad neurosurgical topics, among them:

  1. gliomas (surgical treatment results, prognostic factors for malignant gliomas; possibilities of intraoperative monitoring and surgical removal techniques of epileptogenic low grade gliomas);

  2. endoscopic neurosurgery (endoscopic transnasal resection of anterior cranial fossa lesions and skull base reconstruction in the extended endoscopic approaches);

  3. pediatric neurosurgery (diffuse pontine lesions and medulloblastomas);

  4. extra-axial brain lesions (trigeminal schwannomas and complex glomus jugulare tumors).

Neurosurgeon Ruslan Aksyonov reading the journal

In late August 2018, a circulation of 250 samples have been published with translation of all 15 articles done under the supervision and guidance by prof. J.Rutka. The journals have been spread among Ukrainian neurosurgeon during the Annual neurosurgical conference held in Vinnytsya on September 6-7, 2018. We are also publishing an online version of the journal for all those who could not be present at the conference. The free online version is available via this link.

The authors of the translation would like to kindly thank the Journal of Neurosurgery Editor-in-Chief professor James Rutka for giving the possibility to do the translation and for the support and guidance during the process. We would also like to thank the Scientific Educational Institute Of European Integration Research at Uzhhorod National University and its chief I.Artyomov and Rik-U Publishing House for the help with layout and publishing, as well as LLC «Transmed» and Ukrainian Center of TomoTherapy (Kropyvnytskyi) for the sponsorship support.

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