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Infomation for patients

Required examinations

In order to enable the maximally complete and detailed evaluation of your state and making solution about the possibility of surgical treatmet in your situation as well as for the sake of time saving we suggest the following examinations to be performed:

  1. examination by a neurologist;

  2. examination by a cardiologist;

  3. X-ray imaging of chest (in case of the pathologies of spine and spinal cord);

  4. general examinations of blood and urine.

Extra examinations

brain diseases:

  1. examination by an ophthalmologist*;

  2. brain computer tomography*;

  3. brain magnetic resonance tomography

  4. transcranial dopplerography (in case of vessel diseases)*;

  5. brain vessels angiography;

spinal cord diseases:

  1. X-ray imaging of the corresponding spine area in 2 projections (functional images, if necessary)*;

  2. magnetic resonance tomography of the corresponding spine area;

  3. computer tomography of the corresponding spine area.

* Marked examinations required

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